Fan Comments

Hey guys, I just got your CD in the mail at work yesterday. It’s currently in heavy iPod rotation. πŸ™‚ I LOVE this album! Dope from beginning to end. Thanks for doing what you do. – Omari

Just listened to some of your stuff and it’s really, really refreshing. Good sound … stripped down but still powerful … great harmonies. – Scott

Fabulous job last Saturday in Dinkytown! I love your music, but it’s even that much more powerful in person. It’s obvious that you guys work hard at & love what you do. I wish I could have seen more! Please come back to Minnesota sometime! There are a few other venues that would do you guys much more justice! – Athena

I’m really diggin “The Other Side of Midnight”!! That is a really great tune, fellas. Thanks for hitting me up! If you make your way to the Gulf Coast, let me know — I’ll supply a ton of people for the show! It’s what I do!! πŸ˜‰ – Matty

You guys are awesome, you have to come to chicago! Schuba’s perhaps? Keep up the good work! – Matt

i better see you in 2007 making a debut in the ct/mass area! keep rockin your amazing talent* -Shannon**

FANTASTIC show at Wise Fools Pub tonite! Look forward to seeing you all again real soon. – Dondo

Hey, thanks for the cool night in Dinkytown, guys- I appreciate meeting decent people whenever possible. Good luck on the road… – Chris

You need to take your gig to Houston! – FroDaddy

You guys are awesome musicians! Keep it up and keep me informed for whenever you come to the Chicagoland area. Don’t reach for the stars, BECOME ONE!!! – Tommy

“Forever Goodbyes” never fails to stick in my head ALL day after I hear it! Not that I mind or anything;-) – Keisha

I just want you to know that I was driving in my car yesterday listening to your cd with a big smile on my face. I love you guys!! so now….. the impatient one wants to know…… when are you coming to the east coast? much love!!!! – Christine

Hey guys! Can’t Stand Still is by far my favorite on the disk…sounds like Formula 1 cars to me… See ya soon — wish you two had a gig in Indy over X-mas! – Marg

Got the EP today. Sounds fantastic. Very nice work. Look forward to the show in Chicago. Dondo

Thank you very much for your stop in MN last weekend! I was blown away by your musical talents (sorry the crowd wasn’t the best). The album is fantastic and has been a constant stay in my cd player since the show on Saturday night. I hope your trip back to Indiana was a good one and that you will visit us again!!! – Amy

Just downloaded the video to Forever Goodbyes… “SPOT ON!!” Keep it up… you’re on the road to Major Success…- Joe

You guys are absolutely brilliant. You coming over to England????? – Amanda

wow!! you guys are completely amazing!! it almost brings tears to my eyes to listen to you!! i can only imagine how wonderful you would sound live!! – Felisha

Ya’ll Are Awesome! I was playing this in front of my friends and they liked your songs! So you already got a small fan club! I wish you luck! And keep up the good work. – Jessica

hey guys… your music is just mmm… infectiouse… im loving it. when you guys hit up wisconsin let me know… keep rocking it like you do..- Danielle

i’m lovin’ your style guys.. you’re different than a lot of acoustic groups and it’s refreshing to say the least. let me know if you ever make it out to texas.. good luck! you’re a talented pair..- Michelle

I love your music!! You guys are amazing! – Theresa

Hey guys. First off, very nice tunes. Also, I think it is really cool how you got your band name. My favorite song of the three on your page is Labor Of Love. You guys have some nice harmonies in your songs. – Mandy

Forever Goodbyes was exactly how I was feelin, just moved back to ATL from LA..I will definately check you guys out at Smith’s Ole Bar! – Donalyn

i hope you do come out to cali soon you guys are good. acoustic is my absolute favorite things to listen to. ill spread the word to some of my friends im shure they will love it.- K.T.

The show was AWESOME! Your voices, music and personalities are absolutely HOT! The whole package ‘steamy’! You, my boys, are going to go far!!! Totally love it! Thanks again for the CDs. – Stacy

Hey guys great sound! I check out your website today–its really nice. I liked the video-looked real pro! Great Harmonies by the way. – Tano

A couple of my friends and I are heading to Little Rock to see you play this weekend. We’re having a get-together afterwards. You guys are more then welcome to join us for some drinks. – Adam

You were well worth the drive! Your sound is amazing. We’re working on sending out your CD’s to Mtv and Vh1 like we promised. I know I said no Vh1… but whichever bites will work. It was really cool getting to know you both. Adam and I will unquestionably come see you guys play again. We will keep in touch! – Alex

Great Show at the Saucer! You guys were amazing! – Chris

Today’s the day…I have been waiting so long! Loved the download purchasing, worked great. Will need to purchase the CD when I see you next, want it AUTOGRAPHED u know!!! Congrats boys! Can’t Stand Still, my favorite!!! Keep up the awesome work, and let me know when you will be near B-town. – Stacy

Whats up guys? I know a bunch of people who want the CD. The Brew Crew really spread yalls music around down here. I just wanted to stop by and say HI.. Kepp up the good work and come to ATLANTA soon.. Danielle

when are you guys coming to the Grand Rapids, MI area???? you are amazing!!! – Erin

You guys are great…we can’t wait to check you out in Indy. Have you heard about the Rock Boat…Sister Hazel always headlines it. You guys would be great on it. – Shannon

love the sound!! you guys should think about touring on the west coast!!!! – MJ

since I found you guys I have not been able to stop listening. It’s been awhile since I have found music that moves me as much as yours has! I’ll definetly keep an eye and ear out for you in kentucky. – Jenny

I can hardly wait to get my crazy little hands on your new album & download it to my iPod! Sorry I didn’t get to hang out when ya’ll were in town – hopefully next time. Take care and hope your having a blast on the road! – Heather

I think I love you guys. But only in the good way… – Matt

Can’t wait till Dec 14th when you come back to Nino’s. Perry Def missed out last time πŸ™‚ – Allison

I was happy to find you guys. I’ve been in need of actual music for some time now, so finding music like this is a relief. I’ve got you in my top 8, so hopefully some more people will check your music out and get hooked as well. πŸ™‚ – Sammie

Such nice young men you are!!! Beautiful music too…..ever get to the weeeee coast? – Juli

whats up guys… the music….. Charles and I well deff. be at Smiths feb 28… Once again music is great!!!! – Brannan

cant wait for Feb. 28, me and my friends will def. be there….keep doing what you’re doing the music is amazing. – Charles

Love the Promotional Cd! I got earlier this week, and its been in constant rotation since! Thank you guys. I’ll Let you know if i’m ever back in Indiana. Can’t wait till hear what else you have in store. – Joshua

Great show at smiths olde bar……love the music and so glad we got to hear and see yall play. Hope yall come back to ATL soon we will have yall a crowd!!! Have a safe trip on the road and tear Florida up!!! Thanks once again for the great show and the merch….take care – Charles

whats up guys….. just wanted to say great show tonight…. it was nice meeting yall…. hope yall come back t atlanta…and charles and I are going to try to come down for one of your orlando shows…yall have a safe rest of your tour…. – Brannan

Your music flows freely like a summer day .Can’t you just feel the sun shinnin’? πŸ™‚ – Amanda

hey guys thanks for the comment and being so down to earth. Its bands like you guys that inspire me to keep doing what im doin so keep it up and please let me know if you guys are ever gonna be anywhere near maryland. – Dustin

you guys are awesome and im hoping to be able to come watch a show of yours. – Chelsey

I ran across you guys and your music is hella sick…Keep it up – Adam

your music is beautiful. so Im happy I found you. – Stef

I had a a lot of fun last time you were here, you really sound amazing. Hope to see you soon! – Allison

Hey, You guys are awesome, you’re both amazing – Katie

Sounded great at The Rathskeller tonight! – Jeremiah

Can’t wait to see you guys on weds πŸ™‚ Hope all was well in Florida! – Shannon

I know this is so cliche, but I’m going to say it anyway: you guys rocked the Kazbar yesterday!!! And as much as that sounds funny, I mean it, cuz, you know, thats what that place was called: Kazbar. Anyway, Mitch – your voice is amazing! The set list was amazing and you guys played so well. Good luck on your tours! – Joey

Really great sound – vocals and guitars are amazing. Let me know when you post more of your work.- Patrick

heard your stuff from gino…loved it!!! looking forward to seeing you when you come back!!! – Mari

i love your music it’s awesome πŸ™‚ yea you guys should come out to cali i’d so go to see you but ya’d have to come to san diego ok? – Trisha

The music is awesome. I will definitely make it out to Orlando in March to hear you play. Best of luck to you guys:) – Melissa

I love to support new bands and totally dig that you play in the Midwest! I love the music, keep up the good work πŸ™‚ – Laura

WOW!! that video is amazing guys!!! hope you have enjoyed your stay in fla!!! take care and keep up the GREAT work!! πŸ™‚ – Deidra

I have already started letting people know about your music. Looking forward to hearing more! Keep it up! Peace – Jan

Hey guys, I had a really great time last night, you guys were great. Love the cd!!!! Cool page and video. Thanks for the great St. Patty’s Day. I will definitely try to make it out to Adobe Gila’s or The Globe. Enjoy the rest of your tour =) – Vanessa

are you guys going to be in the south anytime soon? I would love to hear yall live! (Come to Athens, GA!!!!)

i love love love y’alls voices…beautiful. they compliment each other perfectly πŸ˜€ – Allie

I can’t wait for the new album and your visit to MN!! – Amy

I am here to share the word that your music is rockin… so no problem your music is amazing, keep playin it dont give up…. Peace out – aspen TREE

your music is just amazing and the lyrics r really good u guys should go down here in seattle – Jaynel

You guys rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Adysen

You guys sound great and are cute to boot!! –Kristen Marie

Im speading the word round the u.p. to check you out.. Keep rocking and it’s been known that me and my homies jump in the car and take adventures to hear some live new bands… – Crystal

love the music. you might just become my new favorite ;D – HK

great tunes! and awesome sound! I really like it… really πŸ™‚

Hi Mich and Josh! I made my husband list to Forever Goodbyes and you now have another fan πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see you perform! – Lynn

I love your voice its such a turn on!!!! – Rhonda

one word for you all “creative”. great stuff!!!!!! new CD date????? – Scott

I love yall’s music! Its AWESOME!! Anyways, keep up the good work and I wish you guys the best!! Much love, Amber

you guys better get your act together and finish that damn CD and get back to Nashville.. – Jaz

hey guys, i so love your sound. – Dawn

i love forever goodbyes. which i love all of them but thats my favorite. i love acoustic music but yeah good luck in all you do – Alison

You guys have a unique sound. I like it. – Erin

Hey just watched your music vid AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Luigi

man yall have a great sound!! love it! – Cara

Yall sound awesome!! your vocals are sooo smooth and peaceful !! love your sound – Allie

You should come to Traverse City and do a show. – Julie

Forever Goodbyes is a song that needs to be played in the car loud with the windows down and the sun shining πŸ™‚ any plans to head to the uk? – Amanda

hey josh and mitch.. you guys have amazing photography!! love it!!! hopefully next time you play in ohio, i will be home.. or you guys will have to start playing in SF. muah… miss you! – Ashley

you guys are hot and sexy love it!!! – Amy

rob called and told me to listen to u guys on the radio and u totally rock. – Jason

you guys sound awsome, you should drop by b-town sometime again – Deanna

Ya’ll were awesome on Saturday! I’m so glad I got to come into town to see you. – Amy

Hey guys! I really like your sound.Β  I think I’m going to sign up for the newsletter and buy a t-shirt now. – Nikki

“No Promises” is very beautiful. Should be in a soundtrack. – Randy

I really enjoy the acoustic guitars and nice voices. Good luck with everything. – Shane

You guys have a lot of talent between only two of you. Great music! I especially like Labor of Love. Keep it up!! – Courtney

you guys are pretty awesome. if you ever play any shows around baltimore you should let me know. – Katlin

thanks the great music. I like how mellow it is. Very enjoyable, and I love the lyrics to “Forever Goodbyes”. The personalized messages make a difference to your fans, I am sure… good decision. πŸ™‚ I’m also a musician… arranging barbershop, and singing it, for Sweet Adelines… different genre, same love… making beautiful music. πŸ™‚ Keep it up! – Stephanie

You guys are great. Do you have a CD avaliable? – Liesl

You guys are great songwriters. Keep up the excellent work. – Tim

i love your music! I read all about you starting down at IU, thats pretty awsome, i hope to see you in concert sometime! – Bob

Sounds absolutely amazing! Really impressive! I’ll be back for more! – Sofie

nice music.. I think I’m going to invest in a tee shirt <3 Alison

new songs = the shit! Keep bangin! – Derrek

you guys rock, when are ya gonna roll out to the east coast???????Β  – Brodie

Nice vocals and production on the tracks… – Morava

I really dig your music. You’ve got some really, really great stuff.- Tim

hi pals! your tunes make me happy. when you make it to florida, i will be there! – Talfo

I added your Labor of Love to my profile and am sending out the page to friends to get you some traffic. I think you guys are SO promising! Do keep in touch and let me know if you intend to tour! – Morgana

You guys are my latest obsession!! At my place your music is playing 24/7. – Lynn

Beautiful voices. I look forward to hearing more. – Debbie

i love u guys – Bridget

I am totally IN LOVE with Forever Goodbyes, I even put some of the lyrics in my info on aim.. I do believe it’ll become my profile song sometime in the near future <3 you guys are AMAZING! – Alison

Solid songs, I really like them. Remind me of some Goo Goo Dolls songs and the dutch band Racoon. Keep going! – Martin

It was tight to see yall actually comment on peoples site…..So is there like a back story to Labor of Love, of some sort?……Yall ever play in Texas give me a holla….. – Chase

i added Forever Goodbyes to my page…it evokes alot of emotion for me. i love it πŸ™‚ congrats on being born so talentedΒ  Keisha

I really like the new songs you boys put up here… <3 Hope you are well! – Andrea

awesome sound πŸ™‚ – Becky

I love bands that have train sounding sounds in them.. “Forever Goodbye” is amazing and I didn’t even have to listen to the whole song.. it’s time for a national tour.. come to Boston, look me up if you need help booking πŸ™‚ – Kathy

i love it! dig the new tunes, love the new look! you guys are fab!!! – Kristen

your music is very pleasing to my little ears:) thank you – Teresa

other side of midnight has been in my head for the last 3 days. come to ct or anywhere in mass- so many people would love to hear awesome music – Shannon

Awesome music guys. I especially love Forever Goodbyes- great song. Can’t wait to hear some new stuff. – Aimee

Love the tunes. I’ll definatly have to come out and see you the next time you’re around Indy. – Jessica

This is some sweet-ass music. – Andrew

please bring yourselves to nashville! – Elizabeth

when are you guys coming back through here to see your .1 fan??!! – Hazami

WoW!! I listened to a couple of your songs and was just amazed. You guys sound amazing. Can’t wait to see you two live. Take Care! – Mary

I saw a poster of ya’ll on a pole down by the Rouge lastnight and I was like Wow! Those guys are on my friends list! Random I know, but……:) Hope you have a good show there! – Trysh

Wow i can’t wait for you to come to bloomington, I LOVE your guitar, I play guitar too, but you guys are AMAZING, I LOVE your music SOOO much! keep this kind of music up and you’ll be on the radio ALL the time! – Deanna

Hey Guys! I love your music very much!!! Id love to give you some airtime if your interested. Keep up the Brilliant work !!! – Shashona

love the new songs guys, and the redone versions of the old ones, can’t wait to see you guys back in Nashville. – Tyler

Mitch & Josh, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! It was great to have you play – loved your music! I ended up raising $1100 for Cystic Fibrosis! I can’t thank you enough! Hopefully I’ll hear you play again soon! – Jena!

I’m so excited for you guys, you are great and deserve every minute of the attention you get! Looking forward to seeing you in Nashvegas soon…. – Heather

Ah.. i was so excited to see you were coming to the twin cities…but theirs an age limit πŸ˜› – Dylan

Just wanted to drop you a comment and tell you that you guys were amazing at Nino’s…. I hope to see you guys back soon…. – Heather

Great work tonight fellas. – Chris


I like the name of your band. You guys have a nice sound. Have a great day! – Suzanne

Hey 20 Min… you guys have something great going on here. I know Flagstaff would dig it, for sure. Come play at the Campus Coffee Bean. I could recruit you a large handful of people πŸ™‚ – Robin

You guys sound great.Β  Now when can I expect a show in Austin? πŸ™‚Β  – Cash

ok guys….. time to hit up NYC – Alex

Can’t wait to see you guys live! – Allyson

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know GREAT show the other night at Rock Lobster!! Jammin! Awesome!! LOVE IT! πŸ™‚ – Angie

What’s up guys? I see you are dropping an album next month. That’s good to hear. When are you going to make your way to the east coast? – Adam

You guys are awesome, just the kind of music I like to listen to with your own kinda sound!! You guys rock!! Hope to catch you when you make it back to Findlay. – Your new fan Misti

Awesome show this weekend at Nino’s! I’ll be sure to keep my eye out for the next date! :0) – Jodi

Very Rockin Show at Nino’s last night!!!! You boys are gooooood! – Tamera

You guys have a beautiful sound hands down – Megan

hey guys like ur song very much…. keep up.. πŸ˜‰ – Nicky

YAY! A band that finally knows how to be creative with music and know how to be organized with it!! Your awesome! Keep up the good work and promise me you won’t be a sell out! – Liz

Whats up guys.. When are yall comin’ to Georgia.. I keep askin’, but I’m not seein’…You guys put on one of our favorite shows of all time. Can you guys send us a CD when it comes out. You guys except Paypal?.. Keep it up.. The Brew Crew.. Atl, GA.. Peace – Matt

Fellas…Caught the show Friday night. Loved it! Spectacular sound! I’ll keep looking for you.- Andy

Great sound guys. I’ll definitely be at some shows. – Mike